What is TCM?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete healing system developed over 2000 years ago that can be used alone or in conjunction with other medical systems.  Along with its long and well-documented history, it continues to evolve with research and modern clinical experience. TCM theory states that when blockages and imbalances occur in the body, these blockages need removed by bringing the body back into balance.  Its principle focus is to strengthen the body's natural defense system to enhance healing and maintain quality health.


TCM is known for its five main modalities to treat disease and strengthen the body. 

This includes Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tui na (Chinese medical massage), Chinese dietary therapy, and qigong.  Using these modalities together, a specific treatment is developed to meet the individualized needs of the body presented. TCM is a medical model that focuses on treating the root problem, not only the branch symptom that may occur. This approach is holistic as the body is intimately interconnected, and each modality strives to heal at all levels.


Everyday life's physical and emotional stress tend to disrupt the flow of energy or "qi" (chee) in the body, resulting in blockages.  The various techniques used in acupuncture & Chinese medicine can release these blockages to stimulate the body's own natural source of healing.  When the body is in proper balance and free of blockages, pain and discomfort disappear.

     Harmony                Health                Holistic

Acupuncture and TCM focus on bringing the body back into balance by removing blockages and creating smooth function of the body. A body functioning in harmony adapts well to change and radiates happiness.


Health and wellbeing is a body free of pain and a mind at ease. Experience joy in every day life and sharing vibrance and positive energy with others.


Using Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Meditation/Qigong/Yoga, Dietary Therapy, and Chinese Massage, holistic care from all angles creates harmony and health according to each individual body.


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