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Chinese Herbal Medicine


Granules are a powered form of chinese herbs that are disolved into hot water. The process of making granules uses modernized extraction and concentration technologies to replicate the traditional method of preparing medicinal decoction.

Granules are easy to digest and are good for any condition. They are the most bio-available form of herbs next to cooking raw herbs.


Mara orders granules specifically for your condition, she is able to pick 4-12 various Chinese herbs that will work together synergistically for your case. These are safe for children.

Pill Form and Capsules

The pill form of herbs is similar to the granule process, but it binds them to form a pill. Most pill forms are specific formulas with 4-12 Chinese herbs that are already prepared. Mara has these available at the office or may order you a specific kind.


Capsules usually are the granules put into gluten free capsules. Some formulas are already prepared in a bottle. Mara can also special order them for your specific needs.


These two forms are best for when granules are not pleasing to the taste. They are usually still taken with warm water to digest similarly to tea.

Topical Products

Mara makes a variety of topical products for pain relief, acute and chronic injury, and skin irregularities. Here are some examples below:

Purple Cloud Ointment

- aka Burn Cream - 

For burns, rashes, eczema, itchiness, mosquito bites, dermatitis, scars,  dry skin, dry cuticles, chapped lips,  hemorrhoids, & more



Chinese Herbs (dang gui, zi cao gen, sheng di, tao ren, gan cao, hong hua, hong lian), sesame oil, beeswax, coconut oil. Possible allergens: seeds, coconut

Dit Da Jiao 

- Trauma Linament -

For bruises, sprains, joint pain, arthritis pain, inflammation, swelling, sports injuries, & more.



16 Chinese Herbs (secret formula, ask if concerned about allergens), alcohol

Possible allergens: flower parts, seeds

Herbal Bug Spray

-natural insect repellant- 

A natural way

to keep mosquitos away!



Chinese Herbs (tan xiang, xiao hui xiang, ding xiang, huo xiang, zi hua ding, bo he ye, jing jie, ai ye), alcohol, sesame oil, vitamin e oil, clove oil, lemongrass oil

Possible Allergens: seeds

Cold Sore Treatment

-Night & Day (Yin & Yang)-

For Cold Sores or Chapped Lips

(use clear formula during day, and purple formula at night)


Chinese Herbs (fu rong hua, lian qiao, jin yin hua, bai zhi, dang gui pian bie xie, er cha, hua shi fen, ming fan, da qing ye, zi cao), beeswax, sesame oil, vitamin e oil, citrus essential oil

Possible Allergens: seed, citrus

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